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Program at a Glance

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LEGEND: Basic Science Clinical Science Public Health

* program subject to change without notice.


Sunday, June 17
Registration 8:00AM ‑ 11:00AM | Level 600 HCV Treatment ‑ Remaining Challenges | Exhibit Hall G Mark Sulkowski - Overcoming current challenges in delivery effective therapy

Ira Jacobson - Current Treatments for HepC - is there anything left to optimize

Michael Manns - Clinical Impact of HCV treatment
Morning Break ‑ 10:00AM ‑ 10:30AM | Exhibit Hall Viral Hepatitis Models | Room 715 Alex Ploss - Humanized mice for the study of HCV and HEV infection

Maura Dandri - Humanized mice for the study of HBV and HDV infection

Lorne Tyrrell - Cell culture infection models to study viral hepatitis

Massimiliano Paganelli - iPS-derived Hepatocytes for the study of liver disease

Nick Crispe - Culture and maintenance of primary liver Tissue

Oral Abstracts
Starting & Stopping HBV Treatment | Room 716 Scott Fung - When to start or restart treatment for HBV

George Papatheodoridis & Pietro Lampertico - Debate: Can we stop nucleoside analogues before HBsAg loss?

Adrian Di Bisceglie - Should we treat patients with HBeAg+ infection (immune tolerant)?

Oral Abstracts
TasP and Other Prevention Strategies | Room 714 Julio Montaner - Treatment as Prevention: Lessons from HIV

Margaret Hellard - Treatment as prevention in practice: The Prison experience

Mark Tyndall - Harm Reduction in the context of the North American opiate epidemic

Oral Abstracts
Vaccination in HAV/HEV/HBV | Room 717 Maud Lemoine - HBV vaccination - Is the birth dose the Achilles heel to success?

Homie Razavi - Should changing epidemiology change HAV vaccination policy?

Eyasu Teshale - HEV vaccination strategies - outbreak control vs routine vaccination

Oral Abstracts
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