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Program at a Glance

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LEGEND: Basic Science Clinical Science Public Health

* program subject to change without notice.


Saturday, June 16
Registration 7:00AM‑6:00PM | Level 600 The Future of HBV Cure | Exhibit Hall G Geoff Dusheiko - Current treatments and definition of cure

Fabien Zoulim - The biological basis of functional cure

Anna Lok - Clinical challenges of evaluating new therapies
Exhibits, Global Village & Posters | Exhibit Hall F Morning Break / Exhibits & Posters 10:00AM ‑ 10:30AM | Exhibit Hall F HBV Virology | Room 714 Patrick Kennedy - HBV DNA integration and its impact on the natural history of disease

Massimo Levrero - Maintenance and activity of HBV cccDNA

WenHui Li - Defining the steps of HBV entry from patients to cell culture

Oral Abstracts
Liver Inflammation & Fibrogenesis | Room 715 Yujin Hoshida - Mechanisms of carcinogenesis in the cirrhotic liver

Ariel Feldstein - Mechanisms and consequences of hepatocyte cell death during liver disease

Scott Friedman - Regulation of fibrogenesis by stellate cells in liver disease

Oral Abstracts
HCV Therapy | Room 716 Ira Jacobson & Susanna Naggie - Debate: Acute HCV – to treat or wait?

Xavier Forns - When and how to treat decompensated patients with HCV

Francesco Negro - Treating HCV outside of the liver: management of extrahepatic manifestations

Oral Abstracts
Co‑infections | Room 717 Natasha Martin - What will it take to eliminate HCV/HIV co-infection?

Marina Klein - Progress towards HCV/HIV elimination

Bob Gish - Controversies in Assessing Delta Hepatitis Epidemiology

Mark Sulkowski - Early Hepatitis C Virus

Oral Abstracts
Break / Exhibits & Posters / Industry Symposia ‑ 12:15PM ‑ 2:00PM | Exhibit Hall F NASH Treatment & Endpoints | Room 717 Ariel Feldstein - Pathogenesis of NAFLD

Zobair Younossi - Current assessment and management of NASH

Kris Kowdley - NASH Trial Endpoints and Emerging therapies

Oral Abstracts
HBV Immunology | Room 715 Adam Gehring - Monocyte and DC function in chronic HBV and their role in immunomodulatory therapy

Georg Lauer - HBV-specific T cell immunity vs. virological control in chronic HBV infection

Markus Cornberg - Immunological response to Stopping Nucleoside Analogues in Chronic HBV

Oral Abstracts
Long‑term Outcomes after HCV SVR | Room 716 Adriaan Van der Meer - How do we prove HCV SVR improves HCC, liver failure and mortality?

Michael Fried - Extrahepatic benefits of SVR in HCV infection

Graham Foster - Will liver transplant disappear for HCV infection?

Oral Abstracts
Linkage to Care in Viral Hepatitis | Room 714 Mel Krajden - National screening approaches - not one size fits all

Stacey Trooskin - Engaging the hard-to-reach - is there evidence on what is working?

Maud Lemoine - Linkage to care in low-middle income countries - strategies & data

Oral Abstracts
Afternoon Break / Exhibits & Posters ‑ 3:45PM ‑ 4:15PM | Exhibit Hall F The Global Burden of Viral Hepatitls | Room 714 Homie Razavi - Global Cascade of Care for HBV and HCV

Mindie Nguyen - The burden and the gaps in Asia

John Ward - The burden and gaps in the Americas

Ponsianoo Ocama - The burden and gaps in Africa

Oral Abstracts
Viral Hepatitis & Transplant | Room 715 Rajender Reddy - Use of HCV infected donors in transplantation?

Gonzalo Sapisochin - Pushing the envelop: extended criteria for transplantation in HCC

Marina Berenguer - Management of HBV after organ transplantation

Barjesh Chander Sharma - Acute on chronic liver failure in viral hepatitis

Oral Abstracts
Clinical Management of HBV | Room 716 Jin Lin Hou - Long-term benefits provided by current generation of nucleoside analogues

Jordan Feld - How to handle antiviral treatment in immuno-suppressed patients

Carla Coffin - Management of HBV in pregnancy

Oral Abstracts
Control Strategies in Special Populations | Room 717 Christina Greenaway - The migrant crisis: A challenge for elimination efforts?

Shruthi Mehta - Control strategies in PWID

Yasir Waheed - Hepatitis control challenges in Transgender population

Lindsay Jennings - HCV In our Provincial Prisons
Adjorn 6:00PM ‑ 7:00PM