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Program at a Glance

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LEGEND: Basic Science Clinical Science Public Health

* program subject to change without notice.


Friday, June 15
Registration 7:00AM‑6:00PM | Level 600 Plenary 2 ‑ Immune Regulation in Viral Hepatitis | Exhibit Hall G Andrea Cox - Successful Immunity to a Hypervariable virus - Goals of a HCV Vaccine
Barbara Rehermann - Regulation of immunity in the era of successful HCV therapy
Carlo Ferrari - T cell exhaustion and strategies for powering antiviral T cell function in chronic HBV infection
Exhibits, Global Village & Posters | Exhibit Hall F Morning Break / Exhibits & Posters ‑ 10:00AM ‑ 10:30AM | Exhibit Hall F EASL/AASLD HCC Symposium | Room 716 Brian McMahon - Global epidemiology of HCC in the 21st Century: Changing etiology of liver disease

Thomas Baumert - Pathogenesis of HCC: Genetic and epigenetic factors

Morris Sherman - HCC surveillance: How, When and What to do with a positive result

David Kaplan - Strategies to improve Healthcare delivery for HCC: A Multidisciplinary approach
HCV Immunology & Vaccines | Room 715 Georg Lauer - Systems biology approaches to understanding T cell immunity in HCV

Robert Thimme - Immunity to HCV after spontaneous resolution vs. DAA-mediated clearance of chronic HCV infection

John Law - Progress towards a prohylactic HCV vaccine

Oral Abstracts
HDV Pathogenesis & Treatment | Room 717 Tonya Hayden - New developments in testing for HDV infection

Heiner Wedemeyer - Current treatments for HDV infection

Theo Heller - New Treatments for HDV

Oral Abstracts
Elimination Strategies: Micro vs National | Room 714 Philippa Easterbrook - Key messages for simplified service delivery for scale up of testing and treatment

Mark Thursz - Micro-elimination: Addressing one population at a time - an attractive approach

Sharon Hutchinson - Micro-elmination - not the best approach - national and global strategies are preferred

Jorge Mera - Cherokee Nation Elimination Project

Oral Abstracts
Break / Exhibits & Posters / Industry Symposia ‑ 12:15PM ‑ 2:00PM | Exhibit Hall F EASL/AASLD HCC Symposium | Room 716 Massimo Levrero - Oncogenesis of HBV-related HCC – virus vs. inflammation

Lewis Roberts - Epidemiology of HBV-related HCC – continental perspectives

George Papatheodoridis - Assessing HCC risk in Hepatitis B: How to use different scoring systems

Ray Kim - Development of HCC in patients with suppressed viral replication: Changes in risk over time
Fibrosis Biomarkers & Treatment | Room 715 Keyur Patel - Non-invasive assessment of Fibrosis

Scott Friedman - Pipeline of anti-Fibrotic Treatments

Zack Goodman - Regression of fibrosis/cirrhosis with antiviral therapy

Oral Abstracts
HBV Preclinical Therapy Targets | Room 714 John Tavis - Preclinical viral and host targets for HBV therapy (not cccDNA)

Christoph Seeger - Emerging strategies to target HBV cccDNA

Stephan Urban - Entry Inhibition as a potential curative Regimen for chronic Hepatitis Delta: Implications for future HBV Therapies

Oral Abstracts
P.O.C. & Testing Developments | Room 717 Jean Michel Pawlotsky - Challenges & progress with POC and new diagnostics for HBV & HCV

Sunil Solomon - Screening strategies in difficult-to-reach populations

Jilian Sacks - Rolling out new tests in low and middle income countries

Oral Abstracts
Afternoon Break / Exhibits & Posters ‑ 3:45PM ‑ 4:15PM | Exhibit Hall F EASL/AASLD HCC Symposium | Room 716 Norah Terrault - Assessing HCC risk: who should undergo surveillance (this would include post SVR)

Greg Dore - Does the presence of HCC alter the response to HCV treatment

Antonio Craxi - Recurrence of HCC after Therapy for HCV: Fact or Fiction

Xavier Forns - Liver transplantation for HCC in hepatitis C: What are the issues
HBV Emerging Therapies | Room 714 Henry Chan - New antivirals for HBV treatment – early clinical results

Ulrike Protzer - Immunological targets: progress and setbacks

Seng Gee Lim - Is combination or personalized therapy needed for success

Oral Abstracts
HAV/HDV/HEV Virology | Room 715 Camille Sureau - Intracellular interplay between HDV and HBV and the impact on viral replication

Eui-Cheol Shin - HAV infection, replication and susceptibility to immune control

Jacques Izopet - Diversity and replication of HEV

Oral Abstracts
Economics of HBV & HCV Therapy | Room 717 Andrew Hill - How low will the prices go?

Ludmila Maistat - Beyond the drug prices - opportunities for procurement of more affordable treatment in low- and middle income countries

Giten Khwairakpam - Overcoming IP, pricing and other barriers to access

Oral Abstracts
Late Breaker Session | Room 717

Simin Xu - Development of a 3D Spheroid System of Primary Human Hepatocytes that Supports Efficient HBV Infection

Maria Prins - High incidence of hepatitis C virus (re-)infections among PrEP users in the Netherlands

Sunil Suhas Solomon - Integrating HCV and HIV services improves HCV testing and awareness among people who inject drugs in India

Peter Ruane - Retreatment with Sofosbuvir/Velpatasvir/Voxilaprevir for 12 Weeks is Safe and Effective for Patients who have Previously Received Sofosbuvir/Velpatasvir/Voxilaprevir

CanHepC National Stakeholder Session ‑ A Blueprint for a Hepatitis C National Action Plan | Room 715

Jordan Feld - Introduction to the Blueprint for a National Action Plan on HCV in Canada
Melisa Dickie & Jason Altenberg - Priority Populations and Health Promotion
Mel Krajden, & Jason Grebely - Testing and Diagnosis
Marina Klein, & Curtis Cooper - Clinical Care and Treatment
Naveed Janjua & Julie Bruneau, - Prevention
Panel Discussion

CanhepC is open to the public beginning at 5:30.