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Plenary Session: HCV Treatment – Remaining Challenge
  • Ira Jacobson
  • Current treatments for HepC – is there anything left to optimize
  • Michael Manns
  • Clinical Impact of HCV treatment
  • Mark Sulkowski
  • Overcoming current challenges in delivery effective therapy
Plenary Session: Future of HBV cure
  • Geoff Dusheiko
  • Current treatments and definition of cure
  • Anna Lok
  • Clinical challenges of evaluating new therapies
  • Fabien Zoulim
  • The biological basis of functional cure
HCV Therapy
  •  Gregory Dore
  • Debate: Acute HCV – to treat or wait?
  • Xavier Forns
  • When and how to treat decompensated patients with HCV
  • Ira Jacobson
  • Debate: Acute HCV – to treat or wait?
  • Francesco Negro
  • Treating HCV outside of the liver: management of extrahepatic manifestations
Long-term Outcomes After HCV SVR
  •  Graham Foster
  • Will liver transplant disappear for HCV infection?
  • Michael Fried 
  • Extrahepatic benefits of SVR in HCV infection
  • Adriaan Van der Meer 
  • How do we prove HCV SVR improves HCC, liver failure and mortality?
New Biomarkers and Endpoints in HBV
  •  Henry L.Y Chan
  • The value of HBsAg quantification in the natural history and treatment of HBV
  • Harry L.A Janssen
  • New biomarkers for HBV infection
  • Jean Michel Pawlotsky
  • Choosing the right endpoint for HBV treatment
Starting and Stopping HBV Treatment
  •  Adrian Di Bisceglie
  • Should we treat patients with HBeAg+ infection (immune tolerant)?
  • Scott Fung
  • When to start or restart treatment for HBV
  • Pietro Lampertico
  • Debate: Can we stop nucleoside analogues before HBsAg loss?
  • George Papatheodorides
  • Debate: Can we stop nucleoside analogues before HBsAg loss?
HBV Emerging Therapies
  •  Henry L.Y Chan
  • New antivirals for HBV treatment – early clinical results
  • Seng Gee Lim 
  • Is combination or personalized therapy need for success?
  • Ulrike Protzer 
  • Immunological targets: progress and setbacks
HEV Pathogenesis and Treatment
  •  Shiv Sarin
  • HEV and emerging worldwide pathogen?
  • Heiner Wedemeyer
  • Treatment of HEV infection
  • HEV in immunocompromised patients
HDV Pathogenesis & Treatment
  • Jeffrey Glenn
  • New developments in testing for HDV infection
  • Theo Heller
  • New treatments for HDV
  • Heiner Wedemeyer
  • Current treatments for HDV infection
NASH Treatment and Endpoints
  • Ariel Feldstein
  • Pathogenesis of NAFLD
  • Rohit Loomba 
  • Current assessment and management of NASH
  • NASH trial endpoints and emerging therapies
Viral Hepatitis and Transplant
  •  Marina Berenguer 
  • Management of HBV after organ transplantation
  • Rajender Reddy
  • Use of HCV infected donors in transplantation?
  • Gonzalo Sapisoschin
  • Pushing the envelop: extended criteria for transplantation in HCC
Fibrosis Biomarkers & Treatment
  •  Scott Friedman
  • Pipeline of anti-fibrotic treatments
  • Regression of fibrosis/cirrhosis with antiviral therapy
  • Keyur Patel
  • Non-invasive assessment of fibrosis
Clinical Management of HBV
  • Carla Coffin
  • Management of HBV in pregnancy
  • Jordan Feld
  • How to handle antiviral treatment in immunosuppressed patients
  • Jin Lin Hou
  • Long-term benefits provided by current generation of nucleoside analogues